The Dreamboys

Yeah, so I know what you’re all thinking….single lady wanting to get her thrills! CORRECT, however The Dreamboys attract way more than just your average single lady; read on to find out more…
The ‘Dreamy’ boys as I like to call them are the UK’s top male glamour performers, perfect for hen dos, birthday parties, girlie nights out on the town or even just a great excuse to escape your normal life. Their show is without a doubt the most famous of its kind and I have now attended two years on the trot – desperate? I think not…
Every year they feature ‘guest’ appearances and although at Dunstable’s Grove they did not have one, this year’s was Gary Beadle from the MTV hit show, Geordie Shore. The cast is made up of beautiful men such as Lotan, Lotan and Lotan (there were others, but I didn’t notice them when he was on stage). The guys have done really well from their last couple of years touring and have now earned themselves the status of ‘celebrities’, whilst appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and several other  known national TV shows.
The show caters for women aged 18 to 80 and on the night  I saw a complete diverse audience in attendance that were all just as excited as myself, if not – more!
The show includes many fully-dressed dance routines, which can appear quite amateur at times, and a little cheesy (especially when watching a ‘Dreamboy’ dance to James Bond’s 007 theme song). However, the raunchier dances had the entire audience screaming for more, shouting, wolf-whistling and of course, laughing our way into our wine bottles even more.  There were several females that were dragged (I use that term loosely) onto stage and thrust around. Now I enjoy watching from the audience, but I could not think of anything worse than this mortifying experience. It’s a great experience to watch though as the females who get chosen either look completely embarrassed or they look very drunk, confident and of course, have their hands very full.
Later on in the show, there are two particularly very ‘X’ rated scenes where there are lots of things flying all over the place, including whipped cream (BEWARE if you’re in front row like I was). A United Kingdom flag is used for modesty, but that is soon flung up, down, around and around to reveal a little more than some may have been expecting.
The show is a great laugh and I couldn’t recommend it enough for a break from work, kids, husbands/partners or just your boring day-to-day life. Go watch a dream, go watch The Dreamboys!
There is still time to see the 2016 tour – visit The for more information – but guard your eyes.

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