Mumma makes…Amaretti Risotto

I have decided to launch ‘Mumma Makes’ as a weekly feature on simply because, my Mumma loves to make, bake and serve cake.
So this week I give you a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s recipe book – Cook with Jamie, published in 2006.
Risotto is considered a traditional, tricky, but deliciously tasting dish. It takes time to make a perfect risotto, so this isn’t a five minute meal you can simply rustle up, but it is sure as hell, a tasty treat of a meal.


Jamie Cooks ‘Butternut Squash, Sage and Amaretti Risotto’

Some call it stodge. Some call it basic. Jamie calls it Butternut Squash, Sage and Amaretti Risotto!
All good risotto is prepared with love, and this is exactly what this recipe involves – lots of Amaretti love.
To make your own version of this recipe you can purchase the book from Waitrose Kitchen 
I look forward to seeing your risotto recipes!

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