Have you received a 'Message on a Mango'?

When I initially heard about this alternative to flowers, cards and chocolates, I thought; what a brilliantly, inventive idea and I would love to see my girlfriend’s face upon receiving this surprise.
So I quickly started brainstorming dirty puns to put on my Message on a Mango, they ranged from; Leah is a place man-go, man-go wild for Leah and would you let your man-go down? I decided to go for the latter and opted to have two googly eyes placed on my personalised mango too. This then takes you to a page where you can decide between standard delivery (£7.99), first class delivery (£8.99) and express delivery (£10.99). I opted for standard and this was received within 3 days of ordering by my lovely recipient.
The Message on a Mango was a complete surprise to my recipient and she responded by uploading a post onto Facebook tagging me in it stating: “Most girls receive flowers, but I just received a mango!”. The reaction from people liking the post were of complete hysterics and she even took a cute #mangoselfie. 
Some people however may argue ‘why send a message on a mango and get it delivered, when you can do that yourself?’. The Message on a Mango team were quick to respond:
“It’s an excellent question and one we get asked quite a bit. We like the idea of being anonymous, so we do it all for you. Just in case they might recognise your writing. We have been doing this a little while and the reaction has been great!  We are trying to be random… And that’s what we love most about what we do, because every day is different and we are connecting people in such a unique way. Plus, we appreciate people are busy and might not necessary have time to do it. We are here to provide an all round service; something more memorable than a card, flowers or chocolates”.
I then pursued this further by mentioning that some people ‘may find the cost off-putting due to them being able to send a mango themselves for a slightly cheaper cost’. The Message on a Mango team were again quick to respond:
“It’s a valid point, which is why we are always looking for feedback and ways we can improve; including our prices. We are even looking to add more products in the coming weeks. Consider that an exclusive for Daisarella.com!”
I personally can’t think of anything better than sending a Message on a Pineapple in coming months…watch this space, savvy bloggers.
Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient – send a mango with a pun, dirty innuendo or heartfelt message and reap the benefits from making your chosen person laugh. Find out more by visiting Message on a Mango!  
Don’t follow the crowd any longer – be unique and let your man-go wild!
*This product has been sent to Daisarella.com by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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