Disneyland Paris – Winter  Dash

For my Sister’s 21st birthday, I made the magical decision of taking her to Disneyland Paris for a ‘Winter Dash’, booking a coach package with Coach Innovations. She was obviously very excited and I thought it was great value for money considering it included; hostess service, allocated seating, executive coach settings, ferry expenses, entrance tickets to Disneyland and eyeshades and ear plugs for the coach journey.
Let’s start from the very beginning…
The Journey 
Firstly, when boarding the coach we expected the above outlined inclusions which is advertised on Coach Innovation’s website and the email confirmation I received.
After one hour of being on the coach, it quickly came to me and my Sister’s attention that it most definitely was not an executive coach like we had been sold. The toilet door didn’t close, but as there was 11 of us on the coach we all understood and said we wouldn’t judge. However, we then discovered no toilet paper, so one of the other passengers provided some. To make matters worse, we then realised the toilet did not flush – which of course was a huge issue with the smell of the toilet (considering the door didn’t close too). And to top it all of…the sink had a leak, so when you turned the tap on, you got the delight of it firing water all over the place. As you can imagine, this is not the executive journey we had expected.
The hostess service was completely false and in fact did not even exist, plus there was absolutely no ear plugs or eye shades in sight.
Other than that I would like to say that the small group of us on the coach were all very understanding of these difficulties and false selling points, but it did leave us rather unhappy with our choice of company to travel with.
The Disney Experience…
This is my fourth time visiting the magical theme park that is Disneyland Paris, and it was definitely exactly how I remembered it.
Yes, it really is the most magical place, from the moment you lay your eyes on the iconic Sleeping Beauty castle to the moment you take a trip through ‘the small, small world’. The whole day just leaves you feeling happy, carefree and in a slight haze (however this may have been due to my lack of sleep from the coach journey the night before).

We were slightly disappointed as 3 – 4 rides were closed due to refurbishment, but we did manage to cover all rides we wanted to by about 3pm. This left us lots of time to shop, go to some Halloween themed shows and grab a coffee or two.
The best ride without a doubt is Pirates of the Carribbean, with its dark twists and turns, waterfalls and ‘pirate life for me’ songs throughout.

As it was Halloween themed it was great to bump into all the villians walking around the park, but also a little intimidating. Who wants Captain Hook running after you?
The 5pm iconic parade was amazing and made my inner child come out, waving and cheering as the most loved characters in the world made their way down the parade.

We watched several shows including a Halloween Villian themed outdoor performance with singing and dancing, plus the opportunity for pictures and autographs with the evil characters.

However, the real highlight of the whole trip was the finale, the Disney Firework performance. This specialty featured strobe lights, fantastic Disney clips and character artwork, water performances and incredible fireworks. It lights up the entire iconic castle and has the whole crowd ‘oohing’, ‘aahing‘ and left in wonder. It wrapped the trip up beautifully and had me and my Sister singing along to all the great classics the entire journey home (well the 5 minutes we were awake).

I would definitely recommend Disneyland Paris at Halloween, but I would never travel by coach again. Another coffee? It’s still needed…


    • October 29, 2016 / 11:34 am

      Kim it’s amazing and I’d love to go at Christmas time! The firework show is by far the best part of it all! Magical – the word that comes to mind.

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