Screamland – Margate

Again, fitting with my spooky theme for this week, I attended Margate’s Dreamland theme park which had been excellently converted into the ever-famous, Screamland!
So why should you beware of the scare?
Screamland is a live, immersive and theatrical experience that engages the audience through live actors, themed mazes, sideshows and several rides remaining open such as Kiss Me Quick and the Carousel. 
Each of the five scare attractions offers a completely different experience from creepy clowns to a room made completely of mirrors, where you may bump into Bloody Mary. The mazes all include disgusting smells to fit the theme of each location, plus sounds and costumes that must have taken months to design.
The first maze we took part in was Festino’s Forgotton Funhouse, where we was expecting to bump into Pearlywhite (the clown that appeared all over the advertising). We were left a little confused when we reached the final room in the maze, locked in and faced by a clown on a balcony above that had the stereotypical orange hair and chainsaw in tow – not Pearlywhite.
The Paradise Foundation was extremely clever with its smell sensations, there was one room that you walked into and saw a woman/actor covered in excretion and covered in bandages. The costumes were extremely clever, but perhaps a little bit too much light was on in each of the rooms, as we could see what was lurking around the corner.
The Final Cut was by far the best attraction and you had to force yourself through a cinematic blown up screen, where you then came alive in the scene of an alien themed movie. The smell of popcorn was wonderful too!
Dead and Breakfast is exceptionally designed and Fag Ash Lil was a particularly strong highlight of our evening – very funny actor.
I would definitely recommend this seaside scare-fest to anyone looking for a new night time Halloween experience next year, plus you get to go on all the open rides within the price of your ticket, which we got for just £15pp.
Fancy looking into your Halloween holiday this time next year, then take a look at Screamland’s website.

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