Mumma Makes…Savarin

“There’s a first time for everything!” – Mumma said whilst watching The Great British Bake Off contestants make their very own traditional savarin.
This cake is packed full of liquor as well as lots, and lots, of history! 
This is one of the most common cakes you will find in any bakery – worldwide. The savarin is a type of dough that comes out of the oven very dry and almost very similar to that of brioche’s texture. The dough is then soaked in lots and lots of flavoured syrup/liquor and topped with decorative fruits and creams; quite possibly the most rich tasting pud of all time.
The 18th century is famous for the birth of the savarin when chef and exiled King of Poland, Stanislas Leszczynski made a very dry pudding and threw it away in disappointment. The plate hit a bottle of rum, which coincidentally spilled all over the cake. However, this was then recreated by French chefs who renamed it from ‘Baba’ to ‘Savarin’ and exported it to Italy in the 19th century.
Do you like cake?
Do you like alcohol? 
If yes, then bake a savarin and follow this easy BBC Good Food recipe.

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