Meet…The Shadow Switch!

So I was recently sent the Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials to try out and it has completely changed the way I clean, or occasionally just throw out my makeup brushes. I very rarely clean my makeup brushes between changing of palettes (I know, bad practice), but this product has changed my routine 100%.
This easy to use tin contains a black scouring pad and it is really as simple as that! Once you have finished applying an eyeshadow to your eyelid, rotate your brush in a circle on the pad for roughly 20 seconds and all of your eye shadow is removed from the brush, with absolutely no damage.
It’s a great tool if you have to do a load of different colours and have very little brushes to use to contour those eyes, plus it is a very convenient travel accessory too. It’s extremely light, so doesn’t add too much to that restricted baggage allowance either.
I love creating black smoky eyes with MAC eyeshadows at the moment and this has come well and truly in hand when smearing different shades across my lids. I am lazy when it comes to makeup and like everything to be simple, so this is the perfect gadget for me to do just this.

The perfect thing about this product is there is absolutely no weight, no bad scent coming from the tin of perfection and nothing that means if you have sensitive skin you cannot use it. The only thing you have to take note off is that every 3 months you will have to clean your pad out.

This really is a tin of miracles!
The Shadow Switch is also only £5.99 which I personally is a true bargain for something so long lasting! I normally throw away all my brushes after a month or two, so this will now save me so much money. This product is available on Amazon, but it is also coming to Sephora’s collection (my favourite).

*This product has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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