Mumma makes…Apple Bundt

This is a traditional, English family favourite that has been passed down from my Great Grandmother to my mother, and maybe one day myself (when I gain the confidence)!
Apples are always best when they are homegrown in your own garden. You may assume that all apples in recipes are purchased from the shop and baked, however these green beauties were picked ripe from my Grandmother’s garden. An orchard? No a small tree that creates the finest apples, readily available to all family members.

Bundt cakes are inspired from generations-old European cakes, but the circular pan to cook them in was a modern design by H. David Dalquist in 1950.
This invention was called a Bund Pan which is German for “bond”. Nobody is still too sure where the letter ‘T’ comes from in the modernised name, Bundt.
This cake is packed full of apples, raisins and is extremely moist. The perfect companion for an English brew.
If you would like to try making your own version of a Bundt cake then purchase a ‘Bund’ pan from Lakeland for just £11.99.
For the perfect apple Bundt cake recipe, visit Martha Stewart – she never disappoints.

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