This weekend just gone, myself and three friends got the opportunity to review Jump Arena, Luton. I have previously been to a trampoline attraction similar to this called Bounce in Milton Keynes, however this one was miles above.
The bouncy atmosphere is what immediately woke us up from the cold slumbers we were going through after a hard 9 to 5 day at work. With over 50 interconnected trampolines, you literally can’t help but jump from wall to wall.
The indoor park features: free air bag jumping pits, basketball hoops, a ‘gladiator’ themed foam pit, dodgeball courts and loads more to keep you going up and down. 

When we first arrived we were put through a 3 minute induction where they prep you on all the health and safety concerns so that you don’t break any bones. Trampolining is a recreational activity and this involves hazards, that sometimes lead to injury or even death. If under 12 years of age then you have to be assisted by an adult/guardian and the maximum weight of an individual is 200kgs. This is all showcased in a short video the staff make you watch. Once you have been put through this, it’s time to put on your special trampolining socks that are provided by Jump Arena (they are a beautiful, outstanding lime green).

So here’s how the JUMPING went…
The interconnected trampolines were the first place we went to and we were jumping from trampoline to trampoline, wall to wall and attempting to perform small ‘brave’ jumps too. As we went on a Friday evening, there was hardly any children around, so we didn’t have to be too wary of where we were falling. 
After about 20 minutes of freestyle, we gathered our breathe and jumped our way over to the two basketball hoops. I did manage to get several slam dunks, but quickly fell backwards and onto my bum only to be sprung straight back up again. With over 20,000 square feet to shoot your hoop and jump around, you couldn’t miss – surely?

The Foam Pit…from hell
There was two foam pits that we got to explore and the first one included a head to head ‘Gladiator’ style theme. You had to walk along this thin, padded walkway and meet your opponent in the middle – then the battle for the last standing was on. It’s extremely hard to keep balance on there, but I did win (obviously). The hardest part was when falling into the pit…getting back out. The foam pit is extremely soft and padded so as to save you from hurting yourself, but when trying to get out the softness completely gets in the way. It took me 2 minutes to fall into the pit, but about 10 to get out.

The other foam pit was made up of different podiums that you had to walk across to get to the other side, all whilst trying not to fall into the swallowing foam pit of doom. I managed to get across once on my second attempt, however the first attempt I got too scared of the height and jumped in.

The Air Bags
The only other area that was open the evening we attended was the Free Air Bag jump. This was also quite scary and the children that were at Jump Arena put me to complete shame, literally just launching themselves in and back out. It took me a good 5 minutes to pluck up the courage to actually launch myself at the air bag. It was fun and I really enjoyed this particular attraction.

Friday Night Disco
The only thing that confused me somewhat was that the lights went off for about 10 minutes, and I was informed that Friday nights always include a DJ and strobe lighting. However, the lights came back on after 10 minutes and stayed back on. This was a little disappointing as it was definitely more fun with the lights down low.
I would completely recommend this attraction for children’s birthday parties or an alternative to the gym. It’s a great workout and left my thighs aching the next day.
Further Info
For a one hour open jump session it’s £10pp online, for a party package it’s £16.50pp with 1.5 hours to jump around and for those under 5 it’s £5pp and parents go free. Pay this amazing Jump Arena a visit and try it out for yourself at: Galaxy Centre, Bridge St, Luton, LU1 2NB. Alternatively visit Jump Arena and book your wall bouncing experience.
*This opportunity has been sent to Daisarella.com by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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