What does Christmas mean to me? 

Christmas, Noel, Yuletide or The Nativity.
They all represent the birth of Christ, but to me Christmas, Noel, Yuletide and The Nativity means so much more…
To me Christmas represents love, family, friends, partners and most of all, appreciating those around you and the happiness they bring to your life.
Each family member makes my Christmas that little bit more special; whether it’s seeing them unwrap a ‘naff’ present and hearing their laughter or spending the day in their presence (even if they are BAH HUMBUG).
It’s about giving someone something they least expected and seeing the love in their eyes as they thank you for it.
It’s about saying cheers around the dining table and tucking into food that your Mum, Sister, Grandparents or Partner cooked to please you all.
It’s about giving to those who don’t have all these luxuries and knowing that your gift warmed the heart of someone else’s. Whether it be big or small, these gestures are always appreciated and life really is too short.
But most of all, I believe it’s about – LOVE. 
I celebrate Christmas and have done since I was born, but the one thing I remember more than anything is the memories.
The time my divorced Grandparents had to sit around the table together and endure one another’s company, whilst us young Grandchildren spurred them on.
The time my Uncle was picked on during a board game because he didn’t have a bloody clue about any of the answers.
The time my Mum first allowed me to decorate the Christmas tree. 
The time I spent Christmas away from home and Facetimed my family and had a little cry.
The time my Grandad beat Cancer and was finally allowed out of hospital for Christmas with his loved ones.
None of these relate to presents that I’ve forgotten about over the years; dolls, mobiles, lipsticks etc.
They all relate to love and that’s exactly what Christmas means to me; telling ALL my nearest and dearest how much they mean to me.
I love you – Merry Christmas! 

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