Tell me what's your 'Faver'!

I recently signed up to Faver through my personal Facebook account and needed to let the world know all about it…
Faver is your personal gift finder and discovery marketplace, which is a web-app for desktop and mobiles. It allows you to look for your favourite products and makes gift buying that little bit more easy; whether it be birthdays, Christmas or the dreaded Valentines.
Every time you ‘fave’ an item, the app gets to know your style and taste that little bit better. The suggestion page will then update itself every time you use it, this then enables you to gift shop for partner, family or friends with items that have been suggested directly for each of them.
By using the app through Facebook you not only get to see what your friends ‘fave’ but you’ll be able to share gift suggestions with them and shop till you drop – together!
For example, you can see which gifts are currently trending:

I ‘faved’ some Christmas gift suggestions for the more quirky people in my life, and received these on my suggestions page:

Plus you can then make gift lists for occasions coming up and save them as either private or public:

I mean don’t we all normally go into a changing room and ask the question: “Does my bum look big in this?”. Worry no more, there are no changing rooms here, but simple and easy digital sharing that allows you to see exactly what best fits everyone.
Faver makes shopping online all the more enjoyable!
Visit Faver today and start your planning of gifts for the year ahead.
Alternatively watch the YouTube video for even more ideas and suggestions on Faver.
*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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