Do you like them thick and big?

Do you enjoy the rustle of a crisp packet? Do you HATE when after chomping on six crisps you’ve reached the end of the pack? SLABS promises to give you that lusted rustle and a longer crisp snacking experience.

Now I am no crisp connoisseur, however these thick, fried slices of potato have a superior taste. They are Gluten free and cooked in Olive oil, lightly dusted with quality seasonings for an unforgettable taste bud experience.

These HUGELY generous portioned packets come in flavours such as: Sweet Red Chilli, Sea Salt, Salt and Malt Vinegar and Mature Cheddar and Onion. So forget ridged cut and thin delicate crisps and experience a thicker and bigger crunch.
The Sweet Chilli were a particular favourite in our household. The taste of chilli is not overwhelming and literally melts on your tongue. 
Not only can you eat these as a plain and simple snack, but you can dip, dunk, make nachos with them or even use them as a canapé/pate base. Talk about being versatile…

SLABS packaging is simple, to the point, and you can even see that you’re getting more for your money through the transparent crisp window.  

SLABS Crisps are bolder, braver, hunkier and not afraid to have a window. Try a pack, you’ll never go back!
Find out more about SLABS here.
*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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