Competition: Win a £30 IKEA voucher!

Whether I’m making a trip to my local IKEA for a plate of Swedish Meatballs or to purchase a ready-to-assemble wardrobe, I’m always excited to explore what’s in store! 
IKEA is a multi-national store that originates from the Netherlands (just like ABBA), and became the world’s largest furniture outlet in 2008. Whether you’re looking for home accessories, kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture or perhaps just some Swedish food; IKEA has something for everyone.
Although IKEA furniture is affordable, this does not mean it looks ‘cheap’. Some items from IKEA’s range have even been featured in Lori Dennis’ interior photoshoots and you’ll often hear your neighbour or colleague say: “Oh you’ll never guess what I got from IKEA the other day”. One of my favourite things to purchase on our quarterly visit to the store is – storage. Can you ever have too much storage? Now I’m not a hoarder, but isn’t it satisfying piling your books away neatly!?
Most of the furniture is relatively easy to assemble, and you can even find pieces that don’t require tools. I personally cannot think of anything worse than assembling an 8ft. wardrobe by myself (or with my partner’s ‘expert’ DIY skills), so I always opt for IKEA to send an external contractor out to come and build my furniture for me. This option adds to the price, but it is totally worth it in my opinion.
If you don’t know where your local IKEA store is and haven’t spotted that distinctive blue and yellow sign before, then visit the website and access ‘store locator’ at the top of the site. Once you’re inside, you will forget all about the list you came with and you’ll be tempted down the bedroom furniture route within no time.
To find out more about IKEA visit their website here.
For your chance to win a £30 IKEA voucher, please click on the link below – good luck!
Win a £30 IKEA voucher!


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