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Crocodiles are regarded as one of the most respected living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. So can their natural properties help us with evolution? CrocodOil prepares you for a revolutionary skincare like no other on the market…
In Chinese medicine crocodile oil was legendary for its healing powers, so husband and wife, Lloyd and Barbara Bantleman put two and two together to create CrocodOil. 
Behind the product:
Back in 2015, while on holiday in Zambia Lloyd and Barbara discovered what Crocodile Oil can do for human skin problems. Once they arrived back in the UK they started their research mission. The findings amazed them!
With their findings, they realised that if they wanted to create a completely different skin care range, they would have to venture back to South Africa to talk to suppliers.
After several weeks they chose a supplier who clearly demonstrated their family’s commitment to animal welfare, the environment plus absolute attention to detail in the desire to produce luxury products.
Once back in the UK the search was on to find a production partner, to ensure that the raw product was as pure as possible. They teamed up with an established, London laboratory who now formulates, produces and packs all the finished oils and creams.
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The competition: is giving two people the chance to get their hands on brand new revolutionary products from the range, CrocArt and CrocIce.

CrocIce is perfect for those of you that love to get tattoos and want them to heal quicker, and scab-free. It takes the inflammation and sting away by giving a coolness to your skin! If you have older tattoos that need recolouring then give CrocIce a try as it makes your art look much more vibrant again – it’s all natural too!
CrocArt is also great for healing tattoos, but doesn’t contain the cooling agents of CrocIce.
These products are great for healing of skin art, and they are all natural! What more could you wish for?! Find out more here.
For your chance to win 1x CrocIce and 1x CrocArt simply complete the form below.
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