The White Horse, Tea Green

I live fairly local to this modern family-friendly pub and restaurant so when I saw them advertising afternoon tea ‘picnic benches’ I simply had to get involved.
The White Horse is situated on the outskirts of Luton, Bedfordshire in a little village called Tea Green. They started the picnic bench venture in 2017, and it’s been a hit with the punters and ladies that like to lunch since. The menu changes to suit the season so when I visited it was an ‘On the Beach’ bench which was exceptionally summer holiday themed.
The bench included everything you love about going to the British seaside, from fish and chips to fresh hot donuts. So here is what I made of my experience…
I’m a lady that loves a good natter and a creative dining experience to enjoy over the course of a few hours. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed when you go out to catch up with old friends. The White Horse staff were extremely friendly and did not make us feel rushed in the slightest (even when we were full to the brim and asked for an additional coffee).
As it’s summer holidays, you may be wondering how you can attend with little ones. The White Horse also do children’s versions of the Beach Bench, so they certainly won’t feel left out.
The bench had an array of savoury delights which consisted of: a mini beef burger in a brioche bun, a fresh hand battered cod with salty seaside chips plus a homemade cheese and baked bean turnover. The vegetarian and gluten free bench includes: a mini cranberry and butternut squash burger, vegetarian seaside sausage and chips (or fish if you prefer) and a loaded gluten-free nacho dish.
The sweet side of the bench consisted of: a chocolate seashell wafer filled with marshmallows and candy floss, hot mini donuts, a fruity raspberry and lemon trifle, a homemade pink and white nougat cupcake, a mixed berry cheesecake, a candy bar of pretzels, a very British scone with fresh cream and jam, plus a virgin Mojito to wash it all down with.

I managed all of the savoury bites and only three of the sweet delicacies, but the staff were more than happy to box the rest up so I could take them home and share with the rest of the family (sharing really is caring, plus it keeps the pounds from just your waist).
The Beach Bench is unbelievable value for money at just £17 per adult and £12 per child. I would rate this afternoon tea (and I’ve had plenty all over the country) as one of my all time favourites and the most exceptional for the price.
The White Horse is running this particular bench until the end of August, 7 days of the week from 12pm – 8pm.
Don’t forget to book for these upcoming events, you don’t want to become the only person in town that hasn’t experienced ‘the bench’.
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