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Lovehoney or as they like to call themselves ‘the sexual happiness people’ are the UK’s biggest online adult retailers. Lovehoney pride themselves on their classy packaging which is anything but seedy, and their high-quality range of fun and sexually appealing toys. Many adult retailers are confrontational and a little scary with images splattered across their packaging which are considered seedy, dirty and quite unpleasant. Lovehoney do things differently and that’s why the online company has gone from strength to strength.
Here’s a brief history of the biggest online adult retailer:

I was given the opportunity to spice up a couple’s bedroom lifestyle with the Lovehoney Crystal Kink Couple Kit.
This kit was carefully crafted with the desires and fantasies of a couple in mind. It includes an eight piece sparkly collection with bedroom fanatics favourites: vibrators, vibrating rings, plugs and more. Each toy is perfect for shared or solo use, and adds that elegant bling to your bedroom accessory collection.

So I gave it to an anonymous married couple to review, and here’s what they had to say about their sensual experience:
Lady, 34 years old. Married to a Male, 32 years old. In need of something different to ‘relight their fire’:
“We very rarely step out of our comfort zone in the bedroom, so when I heard about the Lovehoney Crystal Kink Couples Kit, I was intrigued to see how we would find it.
First of all, I loved that the toys were not ‘in your face’ and coloured in a vulgar garish pink or yellow. They look appealing and not naughty or distasteful at all.
We do not have loads of sex. We both work away a lot during the week and it isn’t the first thing we think of when we get home. This does not mean that it’s irrelevant to us though. We both enjoy having sex, but it can often become quite repetitive and ‘samey samey’.
When offered us the chance to review a kit from Lovehoney, I was apprehensive about finding the time to open the box…let alone using the tools inside. One evening, we planned to have an ‘early night’ with some candles on and a bit of Otis playing in the background. The early night went right out the window…
Once we got started we couldn’t stop experimenting! The easy-to-use multi-speed vibrator was a great way to get started, and had myself and my partner both equally turned on. We put the sparkly G-spot sleeve over the top and the rest was history.
We then moved onto territory I had never explored before…the bum! Who knew so much pleasure could arise from this region? The graduated beads and plug both have a safety hook at the top, so fear not (this was always what stopped me exploring these toys in the past, but I didn’t feel like I’d swallow them up). My partner definitely enjoyed me using these on him, and I think both of us found pleasure in watching one another.
We then finished by using the vibrating rabbit ring which pleased both of us at the exact same time. It was a sensational finish that took both of us by surprise.
We never got round to using the remote controlled egg, so when we went out for dinner a week later – things stepped up another notch. It was soooooo daring for us both, especially myself as I could barely talk due to the vibrations. We skipped dessert and headed home early. The pleasure got too much for my partner to watch and way too much for my undies.
This kit definitely ignited a new sexual chemistry for us, and I’d definitely recommend stepping out your comfort zone with Lovehoney’s helping hand”.

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*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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