My Grandad is useless with technology.

He has a phone.

He uses his phone to call and text.

He doesn’t need a smart, over the top package that comes with endless amounts of data and video calling allowances.

He was wasting a lot of money on a phone he didn’t know how to use and get the best out of.

So when I heard about Three’s SMARTY SIM-only package, I knew I was looking at a winner for him.

Three launched the package in August 2017, and it is all about being simple, honest, flexible, affordable and super-easy to set up. This is basically everything my Grandad wanted in a phone package.

Since January 2018, SMARTY has been able to offer savings to their customers of over £290,000. This involves giving money back on unused allowances and offering reduced SIM-only plans that start from just £7.50 a month. For a 73 year old man who just wants to call his daughters, grandchildren and friends every now and again, it was a signed deal.

My cousin who is off to University next year is also now looking into this package. It not only helps reduce your finances but it caters to your phone package needs.

There are three plans that cover all you need:

  • If you don’t use all your monthly allowance of data, then get your money back.
  • Get unlimited calls and texts for connecting with family and friends.
  • No credit check is necessary, so don’t worry about stress and faff getting set up.
  • Pause or cancel your contract at any given time.
  • Get 4G coverage across the UK.
  • Connects to WiFi and dongles, so another cost effective benefit to these packages.
  • International calls and roaming.
  • Extra data that don’t break the bank. Just £1.25 for a GB.

My Grandad now saves money, gets money back every couple of months and has a phone package he understands and is happy with.

So get SMARTY, save money and get a personalised deal suitable for YOU!

Photo credit: Unsplash and Benjaminrobyn Jespersen
This post has been written in collaboration with Three.

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