How to break a bad habit

Breaking a habit is difficult because it is an addiction, whatever the habit may be. After you’re doing it for so long, it can become part of your daily routine, and that can be hard to get rid of. So how can you break a bad habit? Here are a few tips that might help.

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Choose A Substitute For The Habit

Replacing your habit with something else can usually help with breaking it all together, but it has to be something similar for it to work. For example, vaping can help you cut down on cigarettes if you’re struggling to cut down on them. With, these e-cigarettes can contain a fraction of the toxins you’d get in a cigarette but still provide the user with the nicotine, the part that’s addictive.

If you’re a nail-biter, you might find it useful applying fake nails or having a nail treatment like gel nails which goes on like nail varnish but longer lasting. This might reduce any temptation to bite!

Identify The Trigger

There’s usually a trigger point that makes you want to do that habit, so be aware of what you were doing at that moment to trigger it. Most habits are often caused by stress or boredom. It could be the environment you’re in or the people you are with. Cut these triggers out or find a way of combating them to stop them from happening.

Seek Help

Sometimes the habit can be harder than you think to break and may need some outside help. Whether that’s challenging yourself with a friend who has the same habit or getting help from someone professional, might be what you need to quit. There’s nothing wrong with getting help, and they can always provide you with ways of dealing with it that you never thought about.

Surround yourself with the people that live the life you want. They can be a great shoulder to lean on when you’re struggling.

Visualise Yourself Without It

It can be hard to see you without your habit but one of the ways we can help motivate ourselves to succeed is to visualise yourself without it. You also have to want to change or get rid of it in order to have this mindset. See yourself waking up early instead of sleeping in late, drinking less instead of going out more.

Reward And Praise Yourself

Whenever we fail, we can really take it out on ourselves, and this can have an effect on our motivation. Even if you fail or stumble along the way, take the time to praise how much progress you’ve made (even if it’s minimal) and reward yourself when you’re doing well or achieved a milestone in breaking the habit. Rewarding ourselves will make us work a lot harder than if we punish ourselves.

A bad habit has control, and you never want anything in life to hold you back or control you. Know that you’re strong enough to break a bad habit with perseverance and time.


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