Keeping safe on a night out over Christmas

The party season has begun and that typically means that between now and Christmas our weekends are filled with fun and exciting plans with friends and family. 

Whilst we might be making plenty of memories with our loved ones, it’s important to remember to stay safe on a night out, whether you’ve had a drink or not. 

This can be especially important if you’re going somewhere new, but the rules still apply even if you’re just headed down the local. Being aware on a night out can make a huge difference to your safety and keeping these tips in mind could make a big difference to the events of the evening. 

Stay with friends

Even if you feel safe where you are, don’t wonder off alone. It’s important that at least one person knows where you are at all times, so tell a friend when you’re headed to the toilet, or going outside for some fresh air, chances are someone will come with you anyway. 

Trust your gut 

If a situation doesn’t feel right then trust your gut and remove yourself from it, even if you aren’t right about it, it’s better to feel safe than be sorry later on. 

Keep your drinks in your hand

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, but it’s so important that you keep your drink with you at all times. It takes two seconds for something to be slipped into it and the result could plague you for a lifetime. 

Make a plan for the evening 

It can be useful to know where you’re going for the evening and how you plan on getting home too, whether it’s using public transport or booking a taxi. Having a plan in mind gives you a direction of where to go when the night ends and you won’t be standing outside in the dark wondering what to do. 

Use registered taxis 

Whether it’s an Uber or a local taxi firm, using a registered taxi is incredibly safer than flagging down a black taxi. 

Don’t flaunt valuables 

Whilst you might want to take a photograph for memories, getting your phone out all evening is just flaunting your valuables, try to keep them hidden as much as you can so people aren’t aware of what you’ve got, and know where you keep it either. 

Pack an alarm 

Rape alarms can be really discreet and small, so they’re bound to fit in your bag, no matter how small it is. Carry one with you on a night out, because then you’ll always have that to hand if the worst should happen. 

What happens if you are a victim of abuse? 

If your night out ends up in the worst imaginable situation, there is plenty of help you can get from different organisations who can help at this troubling time. Get in touch with CICA UK who helps victims of abuse get compensation for the crimes committed against them, such as compensation for rape. Contact Victim Support or Rape Crisis to talk through anything that happens to you. 


Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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