What to get the man in your life this Christmas


Trying to buy gifts tends to go one way or the other. Either you know EXACTLY what the person in question wants, or you absolutely fail. Maybe they told you, or you just know them so well. Or maybe you thought you did a good job, but actually you did such a poor one – that you’re really kind of embarrassed. Either way, if you want to really pull out all of the stops this Christmas, then you need to get your act together before you panic buy.

As gift giving goes, the girls are usually easy to buy for. More often than not, for your mum or best friend or sister or anyone else, you can usually get something that you like, knowing they will like it too. Or stick to beauty, fashion, and trinkets. But men? Oh men are a WHOLE other story. They either want nothing at all, don’t really care about getting ​gifts​, or want something so niche or expensive that you’re all out of luck.

So if you’re stuck for what to get the man in your life this Christmas (or even any man in your life), then these ideas might just inspire you.

Grooming Stuff

First of all, if you want something easy to begin with, ​grooming gifts​ are always a good goto. Because who doesn’t love getting smellies or aftershave or something for their beard at Christmas?


Another winner is always tickets. If there a particular band that they want to see or maybe a comedian? Or is there a sports game they’d love to go with? This is an oldie, but definitely a goodie!

Something For The Car


Next, you might want to get something for their car. Now, not every man will be in love with his car. Nor will every man even HAVE a car. But if the gentleman in question is a bit of a petrol head, then car gifts are perfect. This could be anything from a ​cherished number plate​ that they’ve always wanted, to travel accessories or parts. Try to really think about what they might want here, or listen to them to pick up hints.


And if you know that they need more clothes, or there are things they might actually want, then you could look into getting them for them now. So think about what they might need and stick to that.

Knick Knacks

But you can definitely look to get knick knacks for men too. It’s not just women that love a trinket or too. But when it comes to the men, you might want to go with one of two options. First, it could be something they love – like a specific team or character – and then get them a novelty mug or t-shirt or anything to do with that. Or, maybe they loved jokey gifts and pranks? Maybe you can go with a funny game or book or something silly just to give them a laugh?

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