How schools prepare your child for life

For some people, school is the best time of their life, for others, it’s the worst. For your child, you’ll want to hope that their experience falls somewhere in between; they should enjoy it enough that they always have fond memories, but you don’t want it to be their best days – that means that it was all downhill after they left. One thing’s for sure; school is going to give them a head start in life, giving them the tools to become the best version of themselves; and not always in the most obvious ways. Below, we take a look at a few things they can expect.


Learning the Basics

There are some people who, when talking about their school days, say that “they didn’t learn anything,” but while they might have much use for their algebra and whatever else in their adult life, this is most definitely wrong. You learn a lot in school, even if you don’t think you do. Learning to read, write, locate countries on a map, understand that three times five is fifteen; they all come from school. There’s probably an upper limit as to how much you learn in school, but there’s no doubting that it’s very good at giving you the basics that you need.

Making Friends

For many people, school wasn’t about the joys of learning (OK, that’s virtually everyone), it’s about the friends they made along the way. Some lucky folks still have the same core group of friends they’ve had since they begin infant school! So that’s an important aspect, of course, but school does help in another way, too – it gives you a social education. You learn the correct way to talk with others, and the actions that aren’t acceptable, such as bullying. There’s only so much your child can learn from you about how to interact with the world – the school system and beyond will take care of the rest.

Finding their Passions

The number of people who, later on in life, when they want to learn how to play the piano, or speak Spanish, or act on stage, look back and think “I had the opportunity to do all of that in school, and didn’t!” It’s a common regret. As such, you’ll be well-served by pushing your child to try as many activities as possible. They might just find one that they love, which stays with them forever. Of course, you should only encourage them to try the activity; it’s not advisable to be a pushy parent and have them stick with it even when their heart isn’t really in it.

Seeing the World

Perhaps the best thing about school is that it opens you up to other cultures. This happens first on the playground, if you live in a culturally diverse part of the world, and then when they go on school trips. Trips have come a long way since the olden days, when it seems schools would only take the kids to a nearby nature reserve. Now, thanks to organisations like NST, students have the chance to go all over the world, and learn about history and another country’s culture first-hand. For many kids, it’ll be their first taste of seeing the real world.



There are a lot of socially admired qualities, but perhaps the most important one – and one that’s sometimes underrated – is the ability to work as a team. If you can talk with others and work together to achieve a common cause, then you’ll be well set up to go far in life. Being diplomatic and working with others is useful everywhere, from the supermarket to the business world. Your child will learn this helpful skill through the act of playing team sports and working on group projects with other pupils, who they might not have spoken with before.

Showing Initiative

Schools do set things up nicely for pupils, but it’d be wrong to say that everything is delivered on a plate. It’s not; all they do is provide the tools for a student to be the best version of themselves. The student has to do the work, and that requires showing initiative. They’ll only get out what they put in! And where else does that apply? Ah yes, the real world, where initiative and working hard are rewarded.


No-one would say that the schooling system is perfect, it’s not, but they do try, and the positive contribution it makes to a young person’s life greatly outweighs the negative aspects. Hopefully, they’ll love it!

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