How to find your dream wedding venue

Whether we are married, single, divorced or just 5 years old, we all dream of that special day – the day two become one (another 90s reference for you all). 

A wedding is the most sincere, spectacular and special day for couples to celebrate their love for one another, and the one thing (other than that dream dress) that we all debate over and over again is the venue. 

Weddings can be excessive and lose their true meaning, but with the right venue that is affordable it can remain true to who you both are.

So here are my top tips on how to choose that magical venue for that once in a lifetime opportunity:

Set yourself a budget 

Firstly, be realistic when setting yourself a budget. If you are financially secure and receiving help from other family members then don’t take their help for granted. Ensure that you are satisfying your dreams by looking around and seeking different quotes. This website is a great place to start! 

Location, location, location!

Like I said above, search around and seek quotes but it doesn’t hurt to look locally. I was extremely surprised that just 2 miles away from my home is a stunning wedding venue that looks out onto acres of green, and even has horse stables that are incorporated into your professional pictures. You may be surprised…

Space, and I’m not talking about the one above us…

Ensure that the venue you choose holds the capacity of guests you desire. There is nothing worse than booking your venue to then find out it only holds 50 people, especially when you have a guest list of 300. 

Stay open minded

Don’t rule out barns, beaches, hotels or even a village hall. I have been to loads of weddings, and each one of them had something very special, unique and different about them. One was in a barn, one was in a hotel and one was on a beach in Dorset. They were all drop dead gorgeous, so don’t rule anything out until you’ve explored your options.


Granted, nobody wants to choose the same wedding venue as their sister, but ask around and speak to that lady in the Post Office and find out where she made her vows. 

Consider lighting

All I’m going to say is…make sure it’s airy, light and open. There is nothing worse than dark pictures that means the photographer has to do a Photoshop job. 

And finally, before you agree to that venue…visit it again, and maybe even again!

I have several friends that went back to their first choice venue and then changed their minds. I urge you to go back and check it out in a different light, time and day. Just be on the safe side as it is a special day after all, and it’s YOUR special day!

I hope this has helped you create a checklist for when you start looking for your dream venue. Happy hunting! 

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