Tattu, Manchester 

Whilst visiting Manchester for a booze filled celebration, I thought it wise to up the class and visit the pretty establishment in Spinningfields that is known as Tattu. 
Tattu is a highly-manicured Chinese restaurant that can also be considered as an ‘upmarket’ drinking den – perfect for the four of us suffering from tequila hangovers.
The downstairs bar is beautifully decorated and contains the essence of a glossy, very wooden Japanese pirate ship. The cocktail and drinks menu (although pricy) was exceptionally appealing and I chose a Pink Lemonade (£9) which consisted of gin, violette and rose. It was served in a little glass bottle with a paper straw; very me, and had just the right amount of floral fragrances (nobody wants a mouth full of gin and flowers).

We were then led upstairs to the restaurant area which is very open plan whilst maintaining private booths for its famous guests such as Wayne Rooney and Callum Best. The main centrepiece is the plush bench seating encircling a beautiful pink Japanese cherry tree. This really contrasts perfectly with the black interior and oriental theme.
For lunch you can choose between the dim sum or the ‘Taste of Tattu’ selection of two or three courses, we of course opted for the taste three course (£24.50).
To start I had the Beef Satay with crunchy peanuts, zesty lime juice and the Japanese favourite, soy sauce. A couple of nutty mouthfuls and I was in love with the sauce and it’s rich flavours.

Other options for starters included Chilli Salt Baby Squid and Crisp Pork Belly, which all came in huge sized portions for an appetiser.

For mains I opted for the Kung Po Chicken which the very kind hostess recommended for me. This came with a very spicy tomato, garlic and onion sauce. Although it was very well prepared, I didn’t manage to scoff even half of its large portion, which also came with jasmine rice. Other main options included Tattu’s most popular dish – Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef with more chilli and more garlic.

I’ve never been a big fan of Japanese desserts (or any kind of pud unless it involves cheese and a board), so I chose the Fortune Cookies and Cream. This was the most appetisely appealing dish and included honeycomb, sorbet, mousse and ice-cream. Plus, you even got two fortune cookies with mini predictions in (shame both my fortunes said the same thing though).

To finish we had to order Tattu’s most acclaimed cocktail – Skull Candy. This is conveniently served in a glass skull over lots of ice and sticks with the whole Japanese pirate theme of the restaurant (lots of anchors hanging from the ceilings). This included fresh lychees, vodka, lavender and strawberry bubblegum. My only criticism is…it went down far too easily.

If you are heading to the city of Manchester and fancy some exquisite Japanese food and a couple of fancy cocktails, then Tattu is your best option.
Raise a skull to Tattu – cheers for a fab dining/drinking experience.
To find out more about Tattu Manchester, click here.

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