Introducing…Tiger Gin! 

Are you ready for a real David and Goliath tale that involves Gin? JJ Lawrence had a real passion for Gin and that’s why he introduced a new class of the British Spirit with Tiger Gin, but it wasn’t as easy as that…
JJ Lawrence is a born and bred “Shropshire Lad” who read and researched his favourite spirit, made several calls, sourced a distiller and ended up becoming a creator of something delicious.
Just 30 minutes up the road from where JJ was raised, he discovered a family owned company. This company has been developing and producing some of the finest award winning Gins in the world for nearly 100 years.
They made it their mission to create a Gin with a RAWRRRR. It was an exciting and challenging time for JJ and the distillery, but they got there in the end.
After a court battle against a multi-billion pound global empire – Tiger Gin was born!

So how does the Gin pack its punch?

“Tiger Gin is a premium quality gin distilled using pure English water blended with the finest quality botanicals, spices and grains that are carefully selected and sourced each season from the best harvests around the world.
It’s crafted without compromise in England by artisan master distillers using traditional methods, and proudly presented in a unique bottle with great care and affection.”
The exceptional Gin contains; all natural ingredients, no artificial flavourings, 100% grain spirit and pure English water (it’s born and bred from England folks).
I found the Gin to be exceptional alongside a dash of orange citrus, handful of ice, sugar coated glass rim and ice-cold Fever Tree tonic. Alternatively you can drink with lemons or limes for that real sharp tang.

If you like a citrus infused bevvie with a real kick then this is the perfect Gin for you, or an amazing gift for fellow Gin addicts this upcoming Christmas!
Find out more about Tiger Gin here
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*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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