Prime Steak and Grill, St Albans

A large part of my blog has started to revolve around restaurant reviews, but I guess that’s all part and parcel with being pregnant and ‘eating for two’ (plus I’m a self confessed foodie anyways). So this one is based on the simple question…is St Albans really providing the best steak experience around?
As soon as we walked into the upmarket restaurant that is Prime Steak and Grill, I fell in love with the ambience. I know, I know, such a stereotypical ‘female’ thing to say and Micky Flanagan had no influence over this post what-so-ever! The lighting over each individual table allowed a cosy but inviting atmosphere, plus the traditional looking bar and fairy light scattering added a classically beautiful touch.

The paper place settings on your table showcase all the different types of steaks you can choose from, and then the menu arrives which adds even more choice into the mix. We walked in with the intention of eating a steak, so that is exactly where our eyes were led. The other gorgeous options include: burgers, pork belly and several vegetarian friendly choices.
And I haven’t even got started on the drinks menu yet…
I opted for a virgin cocktail, obviously. Daddy-to-be opted for my personal favourite – a house special Monkey47 G&T. The house special G&T consisted of Monkey 47 Gin, Fever Tree Indian Tonic, Orange and Lime Zest, and the partner was completely satisfied with the bitter sweet taste (£9.90). I opted for the Moscow Mule Mocktail which contained Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime Juice, Simple Syrup and Soda (£6.90).

So moving onto the food…
Our steaks were cooked to perfection. I like my steak done medium-rare normally, but being pregnant I have to get my meat well-cooked. The staff made sure it was well cooked and even suggested another way of cooking it, this was to ensure it stayed juicy and tender to my liking. Daddy-to-be ordered his medium rare, and there was no steak swimming in blood to be seen. This one was pink inside, but no leakage going on.
I opted for the 200g fillet steak (£26.90) and my partner ordered the 280g fillet (£34.90). You do get an option of French fries or Triple Cooked Chips with your steak choice too. We both got peppercorn sauce (£1.20) as an extra which is served in individual serving jugs. Plus a side of Mac n Cheese (£4.90) and Chestnut Mushrooms in Garlic Butter (£3.90). I’m a huge cheese fanatic, and the Mac n Cheese had huge expectations to meet as I had heard good things. It exceeded my expectations and more! Absolute cheese heaven! The portions are massive, and although it’s an expensive dining experience, it’s one you simply need to try.

We hadn’t planned to have dessert, especially due to me not having much of a sweet tooth, but upon spotting Fresh Pistachio Ice-Cream (£2.25 per scoop) we suddenly changed our mind. The ice-cream was lovely and you could tell it had been freshly home-made due to the thickness of the nuts every couple of bites.

I would highly recommend this restaurant, and in answer to my first question – Yes. St Albans is serving the best steak I’ve tucked into in this country.
For more information visit the website here or follow the restaurant on Facebook, and Twitter.

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