My Baby Shower

This weekend was my baby shower, held at Workshop and Play in Ampthill, BedfordshireWorkshop and Play is a boutique venue that caters to creative workshop classes, co-working events, pop-up shops and local events. The venue consists of a small kitchen, toilet and a main hall that isn’t too little or too big for a small gathering consisting of over 20 loved ones.
My Baby Shower was hosted by my amazing friends: Leah, Jodi and my beautiful little sister Sally. They done an amazing job of decorating the venue, and by arranging all of the games on the day.
We played several games that included: guess the melted chocolate in the nappy, guess the ‘Baby’ themed song, how well do you know mummy-to-be and guess the baby food flavour (which I safely opted out of – don’t think I’m ready to indulge on that delight).
The amazing caterer was of course, my Mummy. She really is the next winner of The Great British Bake Off! The food consisted of: hummus and cabbage patch doll vegetables,  blue and pink icing shortbreads, macaroons, salmon and beef canapés, plus a showstopper Victoria sponge cake that had a load of fondant icing to showcase a nappy changing bag and all its essentials.
We received an overwhelming amount of presents on the day, and may even have had a little cry when we got home. The generosity was unbelievable, and I can’t thank people enough for their kind words in cards and thoughtful gifts.
It was so overwhelming to have all my favourite women in one room, and it has made me even more excited to be bringing a little one into this world. The love that was shown on the day has made me appreciate every single person that little bit more, and I just know that Baby Waisy is going to the luckiest, most loved little baby because of the amazing people in my life.

Thanks to everybody for making my day so special!

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