In Hiding, H. W. Vivian

I am a HUGE traditionalist when it comes to reading, and love nothing more than the smell of a fresh book, so when I was sent H.W. Vivian’s “In Hiding” I was extremely excited to find out more.
I am currently heavily pregnant and a couple of days over my due date, so ‘In Hiding’ was the perfect compelling read to take my mind off the wait.
So a little bit about the author…

  • H. W. Vivian is a Sci-Fi and Fantasty writer
  • She has written War of Rain Trilogy, In Hiding and Chasers
  • She also writes general fiction under her pseudonym, Alex Chu
  • Novels under this pseudonym include the IndieReader 2015 winner for Bets Humor Novel, Days of Amber, and the Suspense Thriller, Monarch

So what is “In Hiding” all about?
“A dream. A memory. That’s all Brij remembers of her past – as well as the fact that she was abandoned by a dirt road at the age of three. After getting picked up by a passing stranger who seemed to know everything about her, she lives the next fourteen years of her life in an enormous nuclear power plant, performing high-intensity sports games inside the plant’s five-mile reactor for spectators – people who keep the plant operating. Most days, she doesn’t mind. Then again, she doesn’t have a choice – if she refuses to perform, she’s at risk of being abandoned all over again. When mysterious images start haunting Brij during the performances, she begins to wonder if her life in the plant is real. No matter how much she tries to ignore them, they keep coming back. A series of strange events start to unfold that ultimately leads her to make a choice – whether to live a lie, or face the truth of what she really is, and why she’s here.”
I interviewed the author to find out more: 
Hello Vivian, I hope you’re well. The readers at are interested to find out more behind what inspired you to write ‘In Hiding’. Could you tell us where the inspiration came from?
Thank you so much for your interest! ‘In Hiding’ started out as a short story in 2014. I thought it would be cool if a pair of teens had amazing super powers that could help them change the world – a very common and straightforward theme in the sci-fi/young adult genres. It wasn’t until late 2015 when, seeing and hearing about a lot of controversial socio-political news around the globe (and in the United States, where I live), I got triggered to complete the story with a more abstract message – that sometimes we’re told that we’re doing something great when in fact we’re making a bad situation even worse. In an earlier novel that I wrote, entitled ‘War of Rain’, the antagonists and protagonists were pretty recognizable – the young hopeful kids were the good guys because they wanted to protect their villages, and the big scary brutes were the bad guys because they wanted to destroy everything. With ‘In Hiding’, there are a lot of gray areas with what the characters are doing and what they think they’re doing, and I wanted to use this novel to scrutinize the messages that we, especially as westerners, receive through political and societal propaganda.
Do you base any of the characters on people you know or have met over the years?
I definitely have. As a writer, I always think it’s important to use my creative voice, not only to express my own thoughts, but also to give a voice to those who may not be heard due to adversity. For example, Leona (Ben’s and Brij’s coach) and Piero (the facility’s head chef) represent good people who, despite wanting to help Ben and Brij escape their circumstances, feel that they are powerless against the controlling hand of corrupt capitalism. The various girls at the Carney Center are based on girls I’ve met throughout my life. Florence, Brij’s sworn enemy, represents people who are willing to blackmail and undermine others because they themselves have known nothing else. Mercedes, Brij’s closest “friend”, represents those who have reformed from old habits and are able to change for the better. And Gemma, the girl who always has the empty look in her eyes, represents those who view life as a sort of hopeless chore that will never end as a result of a past decision that turned out to be their greatest regret. The various people who Brij meets in Tres Vidas, New Mexico, are more specifically based on people I’ve met – women whose spirits have broken from carrying the weight of their families for too long, brave army veterans who were forgotten after returning from war, immigrants who were robbed of the little they had when arriving in a new country, and young people whose hearts are broken from the idea of “modern commercial love”.
If you could give aspiring writers any advice on writing their first novel what would it be?
Have fun! And don’t take it too seriously!
I absolutely loved the first chapter – do you think it’s important to keep the readers engaged for as long as possible in the beginning of a novel? And if so, how do you do that?
I’m so glad you liked the first chapter! Yes, keeping readers engaged from the beginning is very important. I think that when the writer has fun at the beginning, and is entertained by their own content, that’s when readers will also have fun.
Finally, tell us about when you first started writing and how you knew it was what you wanted to pursue with further?
It’s strange – when I was younger, writing was the last passion I thought I would pursue. I was very involved in sketching, music, and acting between ages 6 through 24. However, a couple of life events set me back from pursuing any of those – I lost interest in sketching during high school, my piano was sold during college to earn my family extra income (and my violin and drums broke and were never repaired), and I had a Harvey Weinstein-ish experience during adulthood that developed in me an aversion to working in the entertainment industry. Yet through all of life’s chaos, I wrote short stories in my journals to calm my mind. It wasn’t until after age 24, when I was more settled in my education and professional life, that I decided to have fun and expand one of those short stories into a full-length novel, just to see what would happen. After publishing my first novel, ‘Chasers’, and receiving numerous feedback from it, I knew I wanted to continue writing. To me, writing is like a loyal friend. Because it’s stayed with me through thick and thin, I know it will be with me forever.
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