Hospital Bag Checklist

I packed my hospital bag at 30 weeks pregnant, and when the moment came….I left all three of my bags in the car.
My labour happened so quickly that myself and my partner didn’t really get a chance to think about the bags until after my Belle had arrived safely into the world. I’m not saying that they weren’t essential BUT try not to panic about the packing of your bag.
I think it is best to pack your bag from 30 weeks onwards, and keep adding to it. I would ensure that it is close to your front door and ready to be zipped up as fast as possible. You really can’t predict how your labour will go, and don’t listen to other people’s stories and think your situation will be the same. Out of 8 women in my NCT class, not one of us had a similar labour story.
It’s extremely difficult knowing what to pack for giving birth. Do you need a towel for the hospital? How long are you going to be in for? How many fresh undies do you need? First and foremost, I would pack enough to cover you for 2-3 days. Your partner or a family member can always pop home or to a local supermarket and get what you require.
I packed three bags. Big mistake. You will only need one bag which contains yours and your birthing partners items, and then a changing bag with all your new arrivals bits and bobs in.
I have created a printable checklist below to help expecting mums feel prepared, relaxed and reassured that all will be alright on the day!
Good luck, and here’s to an amazing hospital experience!

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