Personal Trainer in your ear

I got the opportunity to experience a ‘personal trainer in my ear’ with the bespoke fitness app, Auro.

This new app on the market introduces impactful, smart but yet bespoke exercise expertise to people that don’t have the time to go to a personal trainer or simply can’t afford to.

The app includes a curated music playlist, a vibrant online fitness community that you can interact with and a personalised data driven programme which will see you reach those targets with ease.

Research shows that having a personal trainer that can guide and motivate you improves the chances of you achieving one fitness goal by 73%. Auro has teamed up with the UK’s most renowned and reputable personal trainers, many of whom work for fitness studios in London. By giving people a ‘PT in their ear’ the app hopes to help more people achieve their fitness goals and for a fraction of the cost at just £8 a month.

For a mum of a young baby, I am desperately trying to lose my post-pregnancy jelly belly. This app allowed me to do exercise easily and frequently. I was supported, wasn’t left guessing which exercise I should do next and reassured I was doing exercises safely and not at risk of an injury.

I often get discouraged when I don’t see quick results, but by making time to use the app and expertise I have now lost over 9 inches. Exercise is now more enjoyable and understandable for me.

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*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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