Love in Between, Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros

I am a HUGE traditionalist when it comes to reading, and love nothing more than the smell of a fresh book, so when I was sent Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros “Love in Between” I was in my absolute element.
I am currently heavily pregnant, so ‘Love in Between’ is like a dream come true for any bookworms that are expecting. Not only does it help you release oxytocin, but it takes your mind off whatever may be going on in your life (even if you are in early stages of labour, this book may just come in handy with relaxation, or giving your partner a little tap with).
So a little bit about the author…

  • Mercy was born in Bacolod City, Philippines in 1997.
  • She graduated from Sagay National High School Open High School Program in her hometown Sagay City.
  • Presently, she is pursuing Business Administration Marketing Management at La Consolacion College Bacolod.
  • In 2013, Mercy at sixteen started writing her book “Poems of Love & Short Stories” which was a compilation of eleven poems and four short stories that was published in 2016.
  • The first few lines of “A Taste of Revenge” her newly published novel, was written in her sophomore year back in High School.
  • She has just released “Love in Between” another collection of thirteen poems and two short stories.

So what is “Love in Between” all about?
Love in Between is the second poems and short stories collection of Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros. It is a compilation of life, love and passion. It revolves around the emotions of romance, heartbreak, sadness and happiness. The contemporary novel will leave you feeling emotionally open, and excited to read more of the author’s work.
I interviewed Mercy to find out more about her view on love and to get to the bottom of “Love in Between”:
Hi Mercy, so first and foremost what does love mean to you?
I define love as the deepest emotion a person could feel. It is endless and kind, for everything began and will end with Love.
Is there a particular inspiration/influence behind your new novel Love in Between?
Love in Between, is a collection of poems and short stories. The poems are inspired by different stories that I read and from people I met while the short stories reveal a lot of my experiences, as a bullied child and how I cope with my illnesses.
What is the difference between Love in Between and your previous novel A Taste of Revenge? There seems to be a clear significant difference in emotions within the titles.
Love in Between unveils different emotions about life, love and passion. On the other hand, I entitled the novel A Taste of Revenge as it narrates the story of a friends betrayal which happened to me before and how forgiveness can heal the pain.
And finally, can you tell readers anything about what might be coming up for you in the future?
After I graduate college next year, I plan to focus on my writing career and to keep on writing more poems, short stories and novels with hope that through writing I can inspire and touch the readers hearts.
You can purchase the book for Kindle or in paperback using the below links:
Find out more about “Love in Between” by visiting the author’s website:
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