Aqua Sana, Woburn Forest

Aqua Sana Woburn Forest is a spa in the heart of a Center Parcs holiday village, and conveniently this is just down the road from home for us in Bedfordshire. Myself and Daddy-to-be have admittedly been to this spa twice, so we were hoping that our third time would be just as satisfying. This spa trip was a very special one for us as we are expecting our first child next month, so what better way of winding down than a bit of pampering and ‘me’ time.
The World of Spa has six spa areas for you to journey through; the fire and ice, blossom, herbal, sensory, mineral and gemstone and salt spa areas. For chilling out, there’s a zen garden, waterbeds with blankets and a fire relaxation room with loungers. This is a very large spa for two people to get around in a Twilight session, but as we have been before we already know which rooms we can and cannot venture into with a bun in the oven.

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Aqua Sana Woburn Forest Exterior

Upon arrival at the Reception you are given a wristband which you can hook up to your debit card for drinks and food, plus a XXL robe (the bigger the better) and a soft towel. The Reception is light and airy and in a huge retail area which sells all of the products used in their treatment rooms.
You are then led into changing rooms for males and females. These are extremely spacious and separated into four areas so you are not all packed in like cattle. There are brown leather stools surrounded by lockers, hairdryer areas with huge mirrors, toilets, showers and private changing rooms that lock. The changing rooms are extremely comfortable and clean, plus they even have their own products for use in the showers and toilets such as: shampoo, conditioner, hand cream and soap. All are available to purchase in the Reception store (if you love them as much as I do).
The spa spans across two floors, the Blossom, Herbal and Fire and Ice Spas are upstairs and a spiral staircase leads you down to the Sensory, Mineral and Gemstone and Salt Spas.
We started our sensory journey in the reflexology foot spa room which is one of the spa rooms I am able to use whilst being pregnant. You can choose from three different settings in a warm pool of water on your feet (this is one of my favourite rooms at Aqua Sana and it’s always full of guests waiting to rest their tired feet).
Reflexology Foot Baths

Reflexology Foot Baths

We then made our way to the Blossom Spa which has mild steam inhalation rooms that infuse different scents to help you practice mindfulness and relax. The Blossom Spa also has tepidarium beds and experience showers that allow you to feel different temperatures and pressures on your journey around the spa.
The Fire and Ice Spa are great if you are not expecting, so Daddy-to-be enjoyed these extreme temperatures when I went off to get my ‘Mum-to-be’ treatment. The super-hot-volcano sauna is brilliant, but you can’t stay in too long without running into the ice room to cool down afterwards.
Lava Volcano Sauna

Lava Volcano Sauna

Laura Hanke Photographed By Sam J Bond

Snow and Ice Room

The outdoor hydrotherapy pool downstairs overlooks the beautiful nature of the center parcs and contains three hydrotherapy jets, powerful fountains and different seating areas to suit your needs.
The relaxation rooms are great to unwind in and read a chapter of your book or two. You can choose from beds, loungers with blankets or double water beds. These are in several areas of the spa, so you have lots of choice.
Salt Inhalation Loungers

Salt Inhalation Loungers

The Herbal Spa is one of our favourite areas of Aqua Sana. This area includes a sauna and steam room which has wonderful different aromas floating around.
Herbal Inhalation Bath

Herbal Inhalation Room

The Mineral and Gemstone Spa is also another favourite and includes a mineral and crystal steam room that helps you breathe deeply and leaves you feeling clean, healthy and pure.
We got a free drink with our Twilight package so both chose a Belvoir Elderflower and enjoyed this in the Cafe Vitale. You can get cold and hot dishes such as salads, soups, wraps, pasta and so on, and everybody takes a breather in their robes to enjoy a refreshment before venturing back into the huge spa.

I went off for an hours treatment and left my partner to explore the rest of the spas highlights. My spa treatment ‘Decleor Radiant Mother To Be’ (£75 – not included with the Twilight package) was with a highly trained therapist called Lauren who made me feel comfortable and at ease. This treatment consisted of a blissful face and body massage, plus a comforting bump mask was applied to my kicking tummy. Lauren started by massaging my heavy legs and then applied the bump mask which helps ease stretch marks, and to finish she done a skin-brightening facial which left my face glowing for hours after. Check out all the treatments available at Aqua Sana here. 
The Twilight package that we purchased is £45 per person from Monday – Thursday, but £59 per person from Friday – Sunday. It allows you access to all of the spa from 4pm – 9pm. You also get a free glass of bubbles or soft drink of your choice in the Cafe Vitale. Plus all the necessary luxuries such as a soft robe, towel, locker to store your belongings and access to all 15 of the different spa rooms. Book a Twilight session here. 
For more information on this spa please visit:  or find out if there is a more local Aqua Sana closer to you at: 
Images courtesy to: Aqua Sana

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