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I love rooting through a recipe book and baking something I’ve never attempted before. So when I came across ‘All Things Baked’ I was extremely excited to see what baking experiences they could offer me.
My first memory of baking stems from my childhood. My Mum is an avid baker, and I used to love helping her in the kitchen on a rainy Sunday afternoon (especially when it involved licking the chocolate mixture out of the bowl). All Things Baked started because of childhood experiences just like this. The company wanted to recreate fun ways of sharing recipes with families, and inspiring people to make little treats from scratch. So forget your step by step cake mixture in the back of the cupboard, and find out why All Things Baked is the perfect family bonding activity for the kitchen setting.
All Things Baked send their subscribers a surprise box each month, this contains your ingredients (minus the refrigerated and cupboard items) and a full set of clear instructions that are child-friendly. It’s a great way of exploring with different ingredients, learning how to measure for cooking and having a bit of family fun.
I received the Easter themed Baker Boxthis month, and I was in for a creative surprise. The recipe was Easter Meringue Nests, and truth be told…I’ve never baked meringue before in my life.

The Baker Box is ideal for families who want to create simple but delicious recipes, but on a more fun ground. Each month you receive your recipe card with step by step instructions, ingredients, decorations and occasionally some new cooking utensils. These monthly surprises are £9.99 a month and there is no long term commitment, so you can cancel them when and where you choose. The boxes are not advertised so each month you will receive a surprise through your letterbox, however they are often themed around relevant seasonal events. If you have any allergies then just let All Things Baked know and they will ensure that your monthly subscription does not include these ingredients.
So back to my Easter box….
I decided to make these Meringue Nests a little differently, so I made one big meringue and decorated it in the theme of an Easter garden. I wanted to showcase just how easy it is to get creative with the family, and utilise all the ingredients that are provided for you.

These are the step by step instructions that I had to follow.

These are the ingredients that I was sent.

And these are the ingredients that I had to provide; sugar and eggs.

The next steps involved the whisking, grating and baking!

I then got my ingredients ready for decorating before the fun could really begin!

What do you think of my first meringue? It’s themed around an Easter Egg hunt in a mysterious garden.
If you like what you see then you can sign up to become a monthly receiver of several different themed boxes such as: baker (like mine above), a one-off wooden baking gift set, vegan or gluten-free. Simply click here to find out more about becoming a member.
After all, nothing says home like the smell of fresh baking. So create some memories in the kitchen with your friends or family with the help of All Things Baked.
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*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*


  1. All Things Baked
    March 24, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    Thank you for the review 🙂 We love it and we’re so happy you had fun!

    • Daisarella
      March 24, 2018 / 2:59 pm

      My pleasure! It’s a brilliant idea and great for the whole family!

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