Easter is coming with Nestle!

Easter is just around the corner and Christians have been celebrating this religious tradition for more than 2,000 years, however it hasn’t always been something that revolves around chocolates eggs.
Easter eggs have been around since the late nineteenth century and it wasn’t originally egg shaped chocolate that was purchased, it first began as chocolate fish, chocolate shoes, chocolate hares and chocolate cockerels. It was the chocolate hare that eventually evolved into the much-loved Easter egg symbolism.
Chocolate signifies the end of lent, and is considered a tasty rich treat for those Christians who gave up something indulgent from Shrove Tuesday for 40 days.
Nestle have been producing Easter eggs for many many years now, and is a huge family favourite as a chocolate brand because of the recognizable traditional packaging (and of course, exceptionally tasty cocoa that we all adore).
Here are some of Nestle’s Easter collection they have launched this year:
All the above eggs are sold at various leading supermarkets and retailers. Prices vary depending on in-store deals. 
It’s Good Friday so go and get your cocoa treat from your local supermarket, and maybe next year be inspired to give up chocolate for lent.
*This opportunity has been sent to Daisarella.com by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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