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As I am expecting my first child next month, I have been talking to several independent retailers regarding their baby collections and Janjan Creations really impressed me.
Firstly, Jan lives in beautiful Dorset with her husband and they have two grown up children and several grandchildren ranging from 9 months to 7 years old. Although family life keeps Jan extremely active, she wanted to continue her passion of sewing and knitting, so Janjan Creations was born in 2014. I got to speak one on one with Jan regarding her business and how it all began….
“My story began before I went to school when my father taught me to knit using string to make dishcloths.  By the time I was seven I’d graduated to making my first pair of shorts – out of red taffeta with inch long white stitching!  I was allowed to wear these out on a day trip to Southampton zoo.  However, about an hour later the stitching ripped so I was just in my knickers for the rest of the day (this was not an issue in the 50s).  However, I was now hooked.
“Over the next few years I improved my skills by knitting and sewing dolls clothes and toys, which I then sold to friends and neighbours.  By fifteen I was making kids clothes to sell in a market then I went onto college where I studied weaving and dress design.  Marriage, children and a full time job curtailed some of my sewing activities for a while but my new outlets were craft work within schools where I was teaching, and of course making clothes for the family. 
“Fortunately, I was able to take early retirement and have more leisure time.  I joined classes for embroidery and quilting and began sewing more earnestly again.  My daughter had a successful Etsy business, www.thisislullably.etsy.com and with her help and encouragement www.janjancreations.etsy.com was started in 2014.
“Before all of this in 2013 I spent a couple of weeks working with street children in the Philippines and I wanted to help these children further, so my ETSY shop seemed to be a good way to do that.  It is with great pleasure that I can donate to charities who support needy children in the Philippines and here in the UK. This is a video that I helped create on this amazing experience: 

Sewing for her grandchildren has been something that has allowed Jan’s passion to grow even more so, she went on to tell me all about this special part of her life.
“Being a grandmother means that babies and children’s clothes are a must for me, and they are so cute to make! I can’t resist fabrics and yarns and love designing and making special items with them. As my husband and I travel a lot I am able to purchase fabric from all over the UK and around the world.
“I make a great variety of clothes for babies and children up to about 4 years of age.  I think that I must have a very low boredom threshold as I never make exactly the same garment twice, even similar twin items will have a slight variation, which makes each item I make really unique.  In Janjancreations you will find, traditional, retro, boho and modern styles and I’m happy to make custom orders too.”
 I was lucky enough to be shown some of Jan’s latest collections, browse just some of the amazing fabrics and designs below for more inspiration:
“I bought bodysuits to which I added applique and made a circular skirt with an elasticated waistband. These are available in newborn to 24 months and all in assorted fabrics.  £12 – £18 depending on size”
1 (6) (1)
“This is part of a newborn circular skirt made from upcycling one piece from a dressing table set. This one’s not in my shop yet but will be £8.50 when it goes live”
“These are the buggy blankets or snuggle blankets.  The Daisy one is made from fabric I bought in the USA and I backed it with minkey fleece.  The troll one is just cute with its appliqued trolls on one side, little tabs to fiddle with and soft polar fleece as a backing.  Daisy one is £20, troll one £45
1 (10).jpg
“This is a cute jersey ‘super dogs’ sports outfit – not actually for dogs!  This cute little outfit consists of a bodysuit, shoes and sweatband.  Not yet in my shop but will be £24
“These are just some of my shoes/booties.  I used to dislike making shoes as they can be fiddly, especially the newborn sizes, but now I really enjoy it and am amassing quite a variety of styles for both boys and girls.  I make them to fit 0 – 9 months. Prices vary from £6.80 to £16.50
“This is a traditional romper suit in a cotton fabric printed with Victorian style embroidered samplers. Again, not yet in the shop, will be £26.00
Stripy boys shoes and long kipper tie sets – what fun!  Not in shop yet – £15.00
“This is just some of my knitwear collection. Prices vary from £10 – £28.00″
“These are two of my latest baby headbands. They are good for photo props, parties or just to look cute – These ones are £3.00 each”
1 (31)sf
“This retro swing girls coat is available in sizes 1 – 5 years. It’s made from 1970s fabric so completely vintage and unique. Prices vary from £40.00 – £50.00 depending on size”
So as you can see I am completely hooked by Janjan Creations because everything is so unique and made with special attention. To check out the full collection and have a bit of a shop visit: www.etsy.com/shop/janjancreations or alternatively keep up to date with all the latest designs by following Jan on her social media channels listed below:
*This opportunity has been sent to Daisarella.com by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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