Get inspired by the London Marathon

This year’s London Marathon is taking place on 22nd April and wants to help YOU get fit and inspired.
In just over a weeks’ time, tens of thousands of runners (professional and non-professional) will be descending on our capital for the 28th annual London Marathon. Over 39,000 people finish the race and thousands will be cheering on the runners from the side lines and on their sofas (which is where I will be this year, either with baby or bump). The Marathon consists of a 26.2 mile course so it isn’t the easiest of runs for participants…
Runners have to prepare as this is crucial when preparing to take part in any Marathon or long-distance event, whether you’re professional or not; preparation is key. 
To help you get prepared, Daisarella has provided you with some top tips using the brand, Fitbit:

  1. Many runners like to carry their phones, but this isn’t always easy. Purchase a FlipBelt for £25 and run with your personal possessions safely stowed away.
  2. Another thing that runners like to do is to distract themselves, this can be achieved through the power of music. Purchase a Fitbit and pair up with some Bluetooth headphones to get maximum use.
  3. A Fitbit Charge HR helps you to monitor continuous heart-rate monitoring. This is an absolute MUST for anybody training professionally and wanting to achieve the best performance from their marathon/run.
  4. The Fitbit Alta is great for beginners and is something that I have been meaning to purchase for myself for a while now. It helps you to monitor: steps, distance, calories burnt, active minutes, hourly activity and also stationary time. It helps you keep moving and grooving.
  5. For people that are looking to lose wight and run a marathon, Fitbit is a wearable technology which offers you results and answers. This can come in the form of a comfortable device which can be connected to your phone via a simple app or simply worn on your wrist. It’s an easy motivator and a cheaper solution than a personal trainer.

Check out some of the latest Fitbit deals here:
Don’t forget to get inspired and cheer on the participants of this year’s London Marathon on BBC One on the 22nd April from 8.55am. 
*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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