Freebies for Mummy and Baby

Many companies would love for both you and your baby to get the chance to try out their products for free whilst offering you their support during the initial months of motherhood.
The market has quite a bit of competition, and many new baby brands emerge onto the market nearly daily. It’s through giving baby freebies away that they can draw your attention to their products and brand in the hopes of you choosing them over their competitors (helping you choose their brand for things such as baby food or nappies the next time you shop).
Are you wondering where you can get free baby things? Nearly every supermarket and baby brand has their very own Baby Club sporting support websites. You can also find featured website content, free giveaways, and coupons galore through independent sites like Mumsnet and Emma’s Diary, among others.
Many of these sites are going to require you to register for an account if you want to enjoy their rewards or benefits, but that should be fine since it won’t cost you a dime to do so. Many are going to send you a basic starter package that has a number of free baby items in order to help you out in your new role as a mother (I particularly loved receiving the Emma’s Diary freebie bags throughout my pregnancy journey).
Every site is going to work a little differently. Mumsnet, for instance, is primarily a forum, so it’s good to follow any threads that have mums posting about any baby freebies they know about, as well as keeping an eye out for competitions or chances for testing.
Given how much free baby stuff is out there to be claimed from all the sites, it’s well worth your time signing up for everything on the list we include below.
How you can claim vouchers, coupons, samples, and actual free baby stuff:
So, as we mentioned already, there are tons of places that provide not only baby freebies, but also competitions, contests, and expert advice. Here’s a good list covering some of the most popular baby clubs out there, as well as what you can get from each of them.
Amazon Prime: members of this program which either currently have or create their own Amazon Baby Wish List are able to claim a no-cost Baby Box, after a minimum purchase of eligible baby products
Aptaclub: this helpful source provides personalized emails, 24/7 support, checklists, and free how-to guides
WOW FreeStuff: one of the biggest UK free stuff sites offering lots of different freebies including free baby stuff
Beaming Baby: in addition to advice on disposable versus washable nappies, you can get free eco nappies, baby bath sachets, and organic baby wipes
Boots Parenting Club: this is a source of free gifts for both you and your little one after you join, including a free magazine, individualized offers, and Advantage Card points program Bounty– they offer a free Newborn pack or free Mum-to-be pack, along with money-off vouchers, extra-sensitive wipes, a 24-pack of newborn nappies, George at Asda Bodysuit, and free trying-before-buying samples and products, among much more
Cow & Gate’s Baby Club: get weekly emails that have personalized advice, access to both the C&G Friend Finder Tool and Careline, a pregnancy diary, and adorable free cuddly cow toy

Free websites for parent testing
Do you enjoy giving your opinion to others? Why not join some testing panels, where you can exchange reviews for emerging or popular baby products new to the market. All you need to do is register and then apply for the campaigns related to babies.
The following are my favorite websites you can get started with:
The Insiders
Come Round
Sign up to see what freebies you’re able to get!
Free dental care and prescriptions for newer moms
If you’ve given birth in the previous year or are currently pregnant, you don’t have to pay for prescriptions or NHS dental treatment. Did you know that both are free? All you have to do is request an FW8 application form from your midwife, which they have to sign.
After that, you’ll receive your maternity exemption certificate, and that covers you for a year following your due date.
Should your baby be born after the due date, then you can apply for extension time that covers their full first year, which is good news for a lot of mums.
How you can win free baby stuff through giveaways and competitions
If you discover any spare time in the midst of the chaos that is a newborn and maternity, it’s good to use some of it to enter competitions and giveaways. It’s a great way to get some badly needed freebies for your newborn child. Parents have the potential to win a lot of goodies, including free baby hampers filled with newborn essentials, a free pram, toys, and much more.
Entering competitions and contests intimidates a lot of folks, to it really does come down to what you’re personally comfortable with.
If social media is something you don’t use, then you’re always free to just fill in a basic form with your email, skipping over any contests asking for your phone number, if you’re not sure about handing out such information.
Want to know some great comping sites you can get started with? Here are a few:
The Super Lucky Blog
Competition Database
These sites feature comprehensive and updated competition lists where you can enter into things online, and you can use them to apply for loads of things in your available time.
Comping advice:
It’s a good idea to use a separate email address since you’re likely to get bombarded with messages and branded newsletters.
Look for competitions that require the completion of a creative task or one that a blog tells you has a low rate of engagement. The fewer people that enter, the more odds you have of winning. GOOD LUCK!
We hope this post helps you get your hands on some free essential bits for not just you, but your little bundle of joy too! 
*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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