Maternity Photoshoot

When I was just over 30 weeks pregnant, I arranged a maternity Photoshoot with Emma Sohl founder of Capture the Light Photography.
Emma captures professional photos of newborns, families and expecting parents in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.
Emma’s background revolves around being a professional portrait photographer for the past 11 years. Emma has spent the majority of her time capturing beautiful imagery of babies, children and families, which is why ‘Capture the Light Photography’ was so passionately formed. The local photography market is extremely competitive, but what makes Emma stand out is her personal, friendly and supportive approach. I didn’t feel too comfortable with the idea of being photographed, but Emma addressed this and ensured that I felt in control throughout our one hour maternity shoot. I didn’t feel uncomfortable once, especially as I was flaunting my big belly, obvious stretch marks and standing around in my ever so attractive maternity pants.
I have booked a ‘Bump to Baby‘ photography package for £95, this includes:

  • A maternity Photoshoot that lasts an hour, which can include just you, your partner and yourself or your whole family
  • A newborn Photoshoot that lasts three hours, including both portrait and lifestyle photographs
  • A 6 month “little sitters” session
  • Plus a cake smash Photoshoot around your baby’s first birthday

All sessions include one enlarged print, and the others are available to purchase for a reasonable fee in your gallery reveal appointment.
There are other packages to choose from which range from individual photo shoots for £45. Check them out here.
Upon booking my package, Emma confirmed where the first Photoshoot would take place. You can choose to have your pictures taken on location somewhere, in the comfort of your own home or at Emma’s Home. As I am in the middle of a move I opted to go to Emma’s (I didn’t feel comfortable doing a revealing shoot in the middle of a field or woods).
Emma also let me know what I would need to bring with me such as: a selection of outfits, a baby toy that can be featured in the newborn images alongside baby and some black and white underwear to ensure that the more revealing images are easily captured in contrast.
The main aims of the Photoshoot are; to capture just how beautiful it is to be pregnant. The body is undergoing the most incredible changes, although it may not always feel that way. Emma captures the beauty of pregnancy perfectly (even hiding those stretch marks you don’t want to necessarily capture on camera).
A week after my maternity Photoshoot, Emma came to mine to do the big gallery reveal. It was extremely moving watching all the images in a slideshow and choosing my favourites. I managed to get it down to a small handful and this was the image that I chose…

If you would like to book a ‘Bump to Baby’ package with Emma then please use the code ‘Daisarella’ to get an amazing 50% off.
Or perhaps you would just like a single Photoshoot, then use code ‘Daisarella‘ to get £20 off.
To book your appointment visit Emma’s website here or the Facebook page.
Alternatively please call Emma on 07801 811626 and discuss your options further.
*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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