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It’s International Coffee Day!!!
Only two years ago, I despised coffee. I was a tea girl through and through, but then I had a baby and the stronger the caffeine hit…the better! The ‘two teas a day’ quickly became history, and coffee became my reliance.
Today is all about ‘Women and Coffee’ and that is why Skinny Coffee is the perfect product for me to discuss with you.
Since having my daughter Belle I have been struggling to shift the pregnancy (and biscuit) weight. I’m drinking about 4-6 coffees a day, and occasionally dipping my hand in the biscuit tin for some kind of sweet satisfaction.
I was gifted the ’28 Night Weight Loss Program’ by Skinny Coffee, and although I was not convinced by another ‘fad’ initially; I gave it a whirl.

Skinny Coffee Club claims that their coffee decreases hunger and increases your metabolism -so all sounded ideal for my situation. Their plan suggests that exercise is not required to lose weight but it is recommended. You can purchase the program for day or night coffee, but both have the same results. The 28 night program costs £24.95 and includes free delivery, so roughly just over what I pay for coffee pods and milk a month in total.
Skinny Coffee looks and smells just like your average supermarket beverage, and it tastes ever so slightly different. If you are a lover of green teas then I think you would do okay on this program, however my partner hates green tea and actually really enjoyed the ‘before bed’ Skinny Coffee (yes, I forced him to trial with me). It’s also available in Mocha for people that don’t normally drink coffee, so something to suit everyone. I got the instant coffee but you can purchase ground if that takes your liking more so, but for me being a Mum to a (nearly) 5 month old; simple and quick is best.
It comes sealed in a little brown bag (bit New York Macy’s style) and this can easily be re-sealed after each use and takes up no space in those bursting beverage and mugs cupboards we all have.

The claims are correct. You will lose weight and I lost roughly 2-4 pound each week. All I had to do was swap my evening decaf coffee for a skinny decaf coffee…that’s it! I did eat healthier, and consumed lots more salads, fruit snacking and a lot less biscuit tin rummaging! I did have to take more trips to the bathroom but this was my metabolism’s way of showing me that the coffee was working it’s magic. I also stuck to doing light exercise 3 times a week or when Belle actually agreed to her daytime naps.
I would highly recommend coffee lovers try this effective way of losing weight, but do it for YOU and for the right reasons. I lost weight because I wanted to reduce my coffee/caffeine intake and lose a few pounds (I also had a holiday coming up, so knew I’d gain weight on that) – Skinny Coffee was my answer!
Become a #skinnycoffeebabe today! Happy sipping!
*This opportunity has been sent to by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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