Weight Loss Mindset Secrets

Everyone is different.
Everyone looks different.
Everyone thinks different.
Everyone has different lifestyles and habits.
Losing weight is no different to that. Some people lose easily and fast. Some people lose slow and struggle to shift the pounds. Again, everyone is different.
Before I fell pregnant I was a healthy size 12.
Five months after giving birth and I have no idea on my size, and the scales are struggling to go any lower.
So many diets out there contradict themselves, and one minute you’re told that tomatoes can give you cancer and the next that you should eat a handful a day. So where do you even begin?
I got the opportunity to explore this question further with the course ‘5 Mindset Secrets to Successful Weight Loss’ created by certified Nutritionalist Lamorna.
Lamorna works with women aged 25-50 who are committed to their careers and families, but may have forgotten about their own health (this is when I realised that woman mentioned was me). Lamorna’s aims are to focus on energy and mindsets rather than standard diet advice that every Weight Watcher or Slimming World leader can advise you on.

This online course comes in three key sections, and each involves questions and worksheets for you to put your mind to the test.
The information is delivered in each section by a video which also features Nicola Buckley, Head and Heart Coach. Lamorna and Nicola are a force to be reckoned with and have all the secrets you need to be able to get your head in the ‘losing weight’ game.
Each of the five secrets revealed have made me think on a much deeper level when it comes to weight loss. A lot of weight issues can lead to people feeling depressed and physically drained. Lamorna and Nicola understand this. They explain this. They listen to our cries and our desperate pleas of “where the hell do I start losing weight and stop feeling sorry for myself?”.
I would highly recommend this course for anybody with the same question as me. It isn’t impossible, and you CAN and WILL lose the weight but maybe understand it a little more with the help of Lamorna before changing anything drastically.
This course is just £47, but have a look at what other coaching courses Lamorna has on offer as something else may be more suitable for your needs.
To complete Lamorna’s course on ‘5 Mindset Secrets for Successful Loss’ click: https://lamornas-school.thinkific.com/courses/Mindsetforweightloss?ref=e77569
*This opportunity has been sent to Daisarella.com by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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