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“Say hello to the…” new mum who now loves to sing! I wasn’t sure about the whole singing to my baby in a group full of women, but it’s actually a little addictive, if a little corny but definitely appreciated by your little tot.

Baby Sensory is an original class that offers mums and babies, from birth to 13 months, a full learning and development programme, which includes singing a variety of different songs.

These classes have won international and national awards since 2008, and are highly recognised for providing stimulating and educational memories.

Baby Sensory provides creative play, massage and tummy time, movement opportunities and a range of different musical activities. One of the most appealing and unique things about these classes is, they combine traditional rhymes to develop early speech and language skills.



Each week is a different development theme, so you can expect to: compete for gold in a sporting event, laugh at the jungle jitters and marvel at all the magic tricks. The fact these classes always change keeps it exciting not only for your little one, but you too!

The one memorable thing about these groups is the ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ signature song. This is sung at the very beginning of each class and uses sign language as well as singing. It’s recognised by my little girl now, and whenever she hears it she instantly looks around the room (desperately searching for a better voice than mine).



Baby Sensory classes also have their very own toy range, this was created in partnership with East Coast Nursery. The latest toy range includes : a “Say Hello” Tummy Time Discovery Toy, a “Say Hello” Patchwork Activity Mat, a “Say Hello” Stroller Book, and many more.


I got gifted with a “Say Hello” Activity Spiral for out-on-the-go fun, or as most parents call it – distraction. It’s extremely colourful, so quickly grabs the attention of your little tot. It keeps them amused whilst also making a great addition to your pram or car seat.



We also got gifted with a “Say Hello” Stroller Book, and again I love a toy that can easily be taken everywhere you go. My little girl loved this and left it mainly on the mirrored page, she was giggling away to herself, whilst older women were cooing away at her.



The “Say Hello” toy collection is available in Mothercare, Argos, Boots and several other shops. Or alternatively, you can find out more about your local Baby Sensory class and shop for the toy collection at

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