Robin Hood, Milton Keynes Theatre 2018

Sherwood Forest’s notorious outlaw Robin Hood made his appearance at Milton Keynes Theatre for a spot of target practice ahead of this year’s arrow-shooting panto spectacular, Robin Hood.

Television, recording, musical theatre and pantomime star Shane Richie will lead the cast in this year’s family pantomime, Robin Hood from Saturday 8 December – Sunday 13 January. 

Swapping the Queen Vic for Sherwood Forest and starring as the heroic outlaw Robin Hood, Shane says: Panto is a great theatrical experience and it’s nothing like you’ll ever see again. Robin is the romantic lead, a loveable rogue. He’s a bit of a loser, a bit of a winner. And the great part about doing this is that it’s different every show! 

I said I wasn’t going to do panto for a while but then Milton Keynes said: “Come on! Bring Robin Hood to us!” I said: “OK, Milton Keynes, I’ll do it. I’ll do three weeks.” “Do Five!” they shouted. “Alright” I shouted back, “I’ll do five weeks for ya ‘cos I love ya!’ got the opportunity to speak with Shane and find out why the magic of panto is so special to him.

Hi Shane, what do you love most about doing panto? 

There’s something very special about being part of a family’s Christmas celebrations. Panto is high-energy and non-stop-fun, and hopefully the fun we’re having on stage really comes across to the audience. It’s really different to the TV work I do, being up-close to the audience adds a real buzz to each performance. Plus, in the Milton Keynes panto this year… I get to wear tights!

What is your favourite character or pantomime show?

That’s really hard as they’re all different and there are different things to love about the characters. This will be my third season in Robin Hood, which has received such brilliant feedback in the Cities we’ve taken it to before, so I’m particularly excited to be bring the show to MK this year. 

How long have you been doing panto for now?

It feels like a million years but lets just say a long time. And always enjoyable as it’s for children of all ages!

And lastly, can we expect to see you in anything else throughout the next year?

You’ll have just seen me return to the BBC soap EastEnders, which is taking up a lot of my time at the moment. Plus there’s a major project in current discussions, so fingers crossed!

Grab your merry men and women and don’t miss the ultimate sheriff-busting, arrow-shooting, tights-wearing, hog-roasting pantomime extravaganza!

This post is in collaboration with Milton Keynes Theatre.

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