My dream home improvements

In May this year, I finally got myself on the property ladder and had my first child. This happened all within the space of 7 days, so it was a pretty manic time for me and my partner. We had no choice but to become ‘adults’. 

We moved into a brand new build with windows and doors (totally, nearly went into singing B*witched’s 90s hit then) and we fell in love with all the possibilities!

Realistically, one room could only be done at a time, this is due to financial constraints and balancing becoming parents for the first time. I mean talk about being thrown in at the deepest end of the housing pool. So we have only completed two out of seven different rooms (no, I definitely do not own a seven bed house).

So I decided to talk you through my vision, and in doing so I hope these dreams become realities in the future…

The Dream Kitchen/Living Space

How many of us sit and imagine ourselves in a massive open kitchen with a beautiful view to look out at and a dining island for all the family to sit around? I certainly do. My dream kitchen includes a bi-folding door that looks out at a beautiful green garden with colourful flowers dotted everywhere. So, I hear you asking….how much is a bifold door?  Well, they are surprisingly really affordable, but not something that you could just cough up tomorrow with no compromise. A bifold door takes planning, measuring and a tad of saving for. If like me this is your next big mission, then draw up your dream living room and kitchen, and get that money saved! 

The Dream Office

So I have been looking at window special offers , but of course this is something that will have to wait until the career is BOOMING. I would love to look out of my office from a really large window that is surrounded by books and flowers. I adore books and reading, and that’s partly why I blog so much. The dream office would be a really bright area that had a large sitting area in the window where I could gaze endlessly out at countryside, so I think a move may be on the cards in order for that dream improvement. 

The Dream Bedroom

My bedroom is pretty big, but the dream would be to have an even larger room with a walk-in-wardrobe and a bed that could fit 7 dwarfs, Snow White and the whole pantomime cast in. After all, you spend so much time in bed that it needs to be important and glamorous. A place you go to not only get some sleep, but have a good old time in too. 

The Dream Garden

Land, land and more land. How lovely would it be to have a garden that others can’t see into, and you can’t see out of. I would love to look endlessly at the beautiful greenery of England. I say this now, but I would garden more than I do at present, and take real pride in pruning my flowers. 

The Ultimate Dream 

So, what is the ultimate? Well this is partly what my very unrealistic plan looks like….

A library room full of Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, Dan Brown and of course, hundreds of children’s books. 

A swimming pool, the only exercise I actually enjoy where you could swim in the luxury of your own home.

A walk-in-wardrobe where you could plaster the walls with your clothes, and hundreds of shoes.

And ultimately, the cinema room where you could hang out with all your friends and family. 

So let a girl dream BIG with her home improvements, because if you don’t dream anything then dreams really can’t come true. 

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