A happy family Christmas everyone can enjoy

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Christmas can be surprisingly stressful and for many people, it is a day to be endured rather than enjoyed. This is a real shame because at the very heart of the Christmas message is taking comfort from having a loving family around you. You should be getting stressed about that!

So what can make the difference for you?

Well, there are a few simple things you can do to make Christmas more fun for everyone and you will be surprised at what might just help.

Enjoy Some Great Alcohol-Free Drinks

Whether you are recently recovered after visiting an alcohol rehab centre or you are feeling rushed off your feet, having a drink you really enjoy without any of the adverse effects can make your day. If you have relatives who tend to go overboard with their festive drinking, a few delicious non-alcoholic drinks in between could bring peace to all.

Mock mulled wine is a great example of a lovely warming drink filled with the scents of Christmas that everyone can enjoy together – even the kids! Of course, hot chocolate is another festive favourite and can be upgraded with a simple ginger syrup or marshmallows. In fact, when you start looking into the different festive drinks around, the best ones are often those that don’t contain a drop of alcohol.

Reduce the Number of Gifts

We are all encouraged to go over the top with our gift giving at this time of year and the high street is almost dependent on our overindulgence. But giving so many gifts can cost a small fortune even when you are only buying for a couple of people.

Instead of giving lots of things, try to limit yourself to buying only what is really wanted or needed by the recipient. Talk to your family about setting a cost limit this year and enjoy the challenge of finding a gift someone will love on a tighter budget – just like secret santa.

Of course, the real joy of Christmas is always spending time together so while you may only give and receive a few presents, make the most of the day you have by playing games, watching films and eating together. How someone feels is more important than what it gets and you would be amazed by the number of people who would prefer you to volunteer to do their ironing for them than get a box of chocolates!

Don’t Put the Pressure on Fun

Because Christmas is supposed to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ to quote the song, we are all guilty of putting pressure on a single day to become magical. Whether you have kids around or not, we all go a little bit wild in our attempts to perfect the day. The stress put on mums in particular has made the headlines.

Rather than worrying about having a perfect day, give yourself a chance to breathe. If the turkey isn’t done on time, just have another mince pie. If the presents don’t arrive on time, write a little IOU in their card.

Christmas is just another day in the calendar, and if it really goes wrong, give it another go later in the year!

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