Snapping out of your winter blues

While there are still a few months left of winter, it’s just something about entering the new year and knowing that the days are getting longer and warmer. It makes it a bit easier to shake off that dreary sense of winter you’ve been carrying around – and a lot easier to look forward to spring again.

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If you’re tired of waking up to the same darkness every day, dressing in heavy layers, and freezing your fingers off whenever you step outside, it’s time for a change. Here is a handful of ways to get you and your home ready for spring finally so that you can slowly start to feel your mood change.

First: Revamping your wardrobe

A new season means that you can treat yourself to something new or something second-hand; as long as it’s new to you, that’s all that really matters. The spring fashion of 2019 may be a bit different from that of last year, at least in terms of more romantic pieces such as denim jackets, flowy dresses like these from Petal and Pup, oversized hats, and cute flats.

Even if you’re not that into keeping up with the fashion picture, you’ll hardly be able to steer clear of these all they’ll be all over the clothing shops in any way. You might as well read up on what’s hot and what’s not, in other words, so that you’re prepared for the shopping once spring comes around again.

If you’d like to change out your wardrobe but can’t stand the sight of a dresser that is overflowing with clothes you never use, it’s an excellent idea to clear it out and give those pieces away to charity. Try to keep just a few basics and you’ll have all the space you need for some new, or second-hand, spring items.

Next: Give your home a breath of fresh air

There’s a reason for all that spring cleaning that tends to happen when the sun pops back; our homes will be brighter and the evenings much shorter, so you won’t really have the opportunity to let the darkness cover up your clutter. Keeping a neat and clean home is one thing, though, but there are many other ways to make it feel a bit more like spring.

Start by inviting in a few tulips as soon as their back in season, change out your curtains for some lightweight and flowy ones, and bring in another mirror or two so that the extra sunlight can bounce through each corner of your house. It might not sound like much immediately, but the difference it will make to your home is immense.

Another great tip is to get all of those yearly maintenance tasks over with before summer sets in and you hardly have time for any of this. Clean out your refrigerator coils, replace any filters, and get started on the garden as well – it will feel great when you’re done.

Now you should be ready to indulge in everything else that reminds you of the warmer season and get back to dreaming about blooming flowers, the return of those birds, and much brighter mornings.

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