Daisy First Aid

There are many worries that take over when you become a parent.
What will I do if they choke?
What’s the ideal body temperature for a baby?
How will I spot the signs of meningitis?
The list goes on and on and on and on and on and….you get my point.
Daisy First Aid offers parents the opportunity to gain basic first aid skills that could potentially save lives.

The company was created in 2014 by Jenni, a mother of three and police officer serving in London at the time. It wasn’t until Jenni stopped her friend’s daughter choking on a cookie in a coffee shop that she realised the potential of First Aid classes for parents. Since teaching other parents her knowledge, she has created an award winning business that even has a portfolio of celebrity students.
These courses are light hearted, fear free but also critical. In a two hour class which can either take place in your own home (if you have enough attendees) or a local venue, the world of First Aid will become unravelled. The class will walk you through the most common accidents such as bumped heads and bleeding cuts to severe allergies and unconsciousness. If you have a newborn then they are welcome to attend with you, so you can take your babysitter’s number off speed dial.
I attended a class after I realised…I had no idea what to do in an emergency situation for my daughter. This panicked me. I often worried about choking, especially when we begin the weaning process. I now feel 100 times more confident if situations were to occur, and it’s enabled me to stop blooming worrying so much (my family and friends will know that I worry A LOT).

I would recommend the first aid course for anybody that is expecting their first child and wants to put their minds to rest (after all, you need all the rest you can get). It’s a great confidence booster and you will walk out of there with a brand new skill set.
To find out more visit Daisy First Aid here.

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