Yaupon Brothers Tea

Do you love tea? Do you love snuggling up in the evenings with a nice warm beverage? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just trying to reduce your coffee intake, Yaupon tea is the way forward and you won’t look back on this lifestyle change.
Yaupon has a beautiful history in the United States. Before Rome, the Europeans invasion and even before ancient Egypt, Yaupon was being consumed by the inhabitants of Florida. Research would even suggest that Yaupon has been around for over 10,000 years too. Native Americans used to go out of their way just to get their fix of Yaupon as it was North America’s only native caffeinated plant, and we all know how crazy caffeine fixes can make you. So why are you only hearing about this now?
Yaupon Brothers grow, process and sell! Co-founders Bryon and Kyle White reintroduced the caffeinated plant into commerce in 2012, this was the first time in 100 years (so absolutely no pressure). They have since become the first processor, handler and grower of Yaupon to adhere to the strictest standard. The 12 acre fields are in Volusia County in Florida, and the plants are grown in a natural, chemical free and harmonious environment.

I tried and tested: Seminole Chai, Lavender Coconut, Fire Roasted and Traditional Green.
The Lavender and Coconut was my favourite due to my love of flavoured rich teas, and funnily enough its the best-selling. This one can be served hot or over ice, so take your pick.
The Seminole Chai contains a twist from what you’d call an ‘original’ chai tea. Yaupon Brothers removed the peppercorn taste and replaced with a zesty orange peel fragrance. This spicy brew is fantastic for chai lovers and is packed full of antioxidants.
The Fire Roasted Tea is prepared by roasting leaves over an open flame. This is a historical blend that really packs the punch of the caffeinated plant. This is a warrior’s brew and is smoky but sweet.
The Traditional Green is everything you want and expect from a green tea, but so much more! This is a mellow, sweet, grassy but smooth tea that is full of natural caffeine and rich in antioxidants. You will fall in love with its natural green tea texture.

You can purchase Yaupon Brothers tea in eco tubes which contain 16 natural fibre tea bags or as a case of 12 tubes.
So here’s to drinking healthy, as well as eating!
*This opportunity has been sent to Daisarella.com by a PR/brand but all opinions are my own*

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